April 16, 2018


Research lines

1. Plant Biophysics

Fine roots are responsible for the vast majority of water and nutrient absorption in woody root systems, yet our understanding about fine root functionality, the mechanisms underlying fine root lifespan and turnover, and how abiotic stressors trigger certain responses is still limited. The aim of this research line is to develop a better understanding of how different soil conditions affect water uptake capacity in different developmental regions of fine roots. We use a combination of different hydraulic measurements as well as imaging techniques to better link fine root structure and function.

2. Biophysics of the micro-environment near fine roots 

The micro-environment near fine roots is tremendously important in whole plant functionality. The agriculture of the future requires deep understanding of the physical, chemical and biological processes happening at micro and macro level. In this research line, we are trying to elucidate basic questions of the soil-root interface under different plant growing scenarios.